What is 16599 Transmedia

It is a web platform that offers an expanded and multiple outlook over the labor dispute experienced by workers of the Mexican Electricians Union (SME) since 2009. The outlook of this struggle is shown through a series of short documentaries, informative sections and graphics with interactive options.

16599 transmedia is launched in 2015, year in which the SME celebrates 100 years of its foundation and coincides with the declaration of UNESCO to celebrate 2015 as the Year of Light.

The platform will remain active by periodically publishing a set of pieces on the electrician fight until the release of a documentary film that will premiere on other screens to the end of 2015.



  • Direction: Alejandra Islas
  • Production: Nadia Hernández del Río
  • Photography and editing: Alejandra Islas, Nadia Hernández del Río, Ricardo Hidalgo, Alejandro Quesnel
  • Post production: Ricardo Hidalgo
  • Arts and animation: Alejandro Magallanes
  • Web Design: Erick Lazarini
  • Community Manager: Leobardo Mendo
  • Website development: EPCON CCS
  • Artwork: El Trazo Méndez
  • Media coordination: Daniela Villegas
  • Broadcasting coordination: Héctor Becerra
  • Sound design: Humberto Cruz
  • Production assistant: Israel Tapia
  • Photoshop: Tere Garay, Roberto Mendo
  • Still Photographer: Nadia Hernández, Alejandra Islas, Iván Castaneira , Mario Navarrete, Paloma Oropeza, Tomás Romero
  • Text editors: Alfredo Núñez-Lanz
  • Translation: Catalina Sherwell, Enrique Espino
  • Transcription: America Solorzano
  • Archive: Revista lux / Canal 6 de Julio
  • Production Support: Esther del Río, Enrique Hernández, Esther Hernández del Río.
  • Historical Archive: Antonio Garcés, Cesar del Pilar.
  • Historical advisory SME: Martín Esparza, Humberto Montes de Oca, Jorge Herrera, Juan Carlos Escalante.


Thanks to all electricians and their families in resistance to star in this story

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