The Despicable

The despicable in this story are the corrupt politicians and businessmen involved in the dismantling of Luz y Fuerza del Centro, those who remain unpunished and doing big business with corporations. The despicable criminalized the SME workers to justify the government decision. There are despicable senators and deputies who influenced the performance of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation to suppress the rights of electricians. The media has been despicable with key communicators who became the staunchest instigators of a hate campaign that lacerated thousands of families of electricians.

Felipe de Jesús Calderon Hinojosa

He gets the presidency of Mexico by means of a cyber-fraud and exercises it during the 2006-2012 period. To legitimize himself, he undertook the drug war in which more than 136,000 people died, and it is estimated to official figures that there were more than 3 million displaced.
In 2009, the fire at the ABC daycare in the state of Sonora took the life of 49 children. Those responsible for this tragedy were acquitted by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation because of their kinship with the president’s wife Margarita Zavala.

In the same year, by decree, Calderón extinguished Luz y Fuerza del Centro, leaving 44,000 jobless workers and 22,000 defenseless retirees. In his government report of 2010, the so called «president of labor» states that the greatest achievement of all his administration was to eradicate LFC (Light and power company.)
A year later, one of the cheapest and oldest airlines in Mexico, Mexicana de aviacion, goes bankrupt, 85,000 workers were dismissed, including pilots, flight attendants and ground staff. Weeks before leaving office in 2012, he instructs the senators and deputies of his party to boost labor reform where workers’ rights are restricted and outsourcing is legalized benefiting national and international private investors.

Calderon is linked to the Humanist Party which obtained its registration in 2014. Relatives and people close to Felipe Calderon are members of this party which is considered as social Christian Democrat. Currently, the former president perceives from the public treasury the amount of 205,000 pesos a month as pension and 816,000 to pay for consultants, totaling 1 million 21 thousand pesos per month.

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